Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is called the Olooson Code.

It comes into force as soon as it has been read by you and has been accepted.

Members of all Olooson subsidiaries and affiliates, providers of technology and products dedicated to industrial fishing or aquaculture, associations and partners from Olooson Affiliated Research Centers will strive to comply with the terms set out in the Code of Conduct as follows:

1. Not to engage in commercial activities that are contrary to the interests of the European Union and each Member State;

2. To pay special attention to the protection and promotion of public welfare in the conduct of activities.

3. To not carry out activities that would endanger fair behavior, norms, laws, and public values.

4. To abstain from activities considered to have a negative effect on public health.

5. To maintain the supply of good quality goods and services at fair prices.

6. The products delivered must have the standards specified in the Olooson offer.

7. To abstain from activities that could artificially cause a shortage of goods on the market;

8. If the products are missing, they will not carry out commercial activities at unfair prices.

9. Will not carry out monopolistic activities to protect or dominate a particular market segment (e.g. trade unions and/or cartels).

10. To comply with regulations and conditionality stipulated in procurement contracts organized by agencies or economic authorities in connection with their funding from EU or European Union state funds that are co-financing.

11. To promote confidence in fair competition in business, offering maximum benefits to consumers.

12. To resolve business disputes through mutual negotiations and consultations amicably and legally.

13. Will promote business transparency by protecting intellectual property rights and copyright.

14. Will prove a special attachment and sensitivity to environmental protection.

15. Will respect the statutes, laws and the independence of the justice.

16. Will timely pay taxes, rates and fees in accordance with the law.

17. Will refrain from any kind of activities with goods classified as forbidden or prohibited by law.

18. Will refrain from offering donations or financial assistance to political parties or their leaders to develop illegal business or to benefit from personal benefits.

19. Will refrain from giving gifts or any other form of single donation to individuals over 50 euros.

20. Will obey Olooson’s Code of Conduct and encourage others to do the same.