Achieving a single market is one of the greatest aspirations and targets to be achieved for the European Union.

Single market designed to allow the free movement of goods, services, capital and natural and legal persons.

However, in the area of fisheries and aquaculture, these desiderata cannot always materialize because the rules of the single market are not known by the organizers of the invitations to tender, have not been implemented or are simply blocked by various unjustified barriers related to bureaucracy or language barriers.

Barriers to free trade of goods and services, low levels of cross-border public procurement and insufficient political support for structural reforms limit the opportunities offered by suppliers of technology, equipment and solutions to fisheries and aquaculture.

For these reasons, and to provide a dynamic tool, Olooson collects offers of technology, solutions, equipment, products to offer them in the tenders organized by beneficiaries of the European Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (MEFF) programs.

This information about organized tenders comes from the following sources of information: If you want to participate in tenders notified through the Olooson’s EU Tendering platform or if you want to publish a new tender on Olooson platform, find more information in the documents of the two sections presented in the column on the left.

Together with an Agents Representation Contract you also have an NDA for the Protection of Confidential Information.

If you want to understand the legal and legislative framework in which the EU Tendering tender system operates on the Olooson platform, you can find more information in the Documents Library section.

No. Country The institution that owns the information about the auctions
1 Austria The Austrian Federal Procurement Agency
2 Belgium Public Federal Service Personal and Organisation
3 Bulgaria Public Procurement Agency
4 Croatia Croation public procurement portal
5 Cyprus Cypriot public procurement portal
6 Czech Republic Ministry for Regional Development
7 Denmark Competition and Consumer Authority
8 Estonia Estonian public procurement portal
9 Finland Procurement advisory unit
10 France Public procurement in France from the Ministry of Finance
11 Germany Bundesverwaltungsamt (Federal Aministrative Office)
12 Greece Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority
13 Hungary Public Procurement Authority of Hungary
14 Ireland Office of Government Procurement
15 Italy Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts) (AVCP)
16 Latvia Procurement Monitoring Bureau
17 Lithuania Public Procurement Office
18 Luxembourg Luxembourg public procurement portal
19 Malta Malta Department of Contracts
20 Netherlands Professional and Innovative Tendering PIANOo
21 Norway Norweigian national public procurement notification database
22 Poland Polish Public Procurement Office
23 Portugal Base public procurement portal
24 Romania Romanian National Agency for Public Procurement
25 Slovakia Slovak Office for Public Procurement
26 Slovenia Public Procurement Directorate - System for public procurement
27 Spain Spanish platform for public sector contracting
28 Sweden Swedish Public Procurement Agency
29 United Kingdom Crown Commercial Service
If you want to participate in auctions organized via Olooson, or if you want to publish on the Olooson platform a new auction find more information in the Documents Library section.