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In this section of technical assistance and consultancy offered to all individuals and companies holding an aquaculture license from the 28 European countries, discussion and dialogue themes can launch that will be answered by the competence and experience of the most valuable experts in the field to achieve the best results in the conservation and sustainable use of marine fishery resources, natural hydrographic interiors and sustainable aquaculture.

The technical assistance provided by Olooson is implemented mainly through consulting services between members and experts.

Through this collaboration, projects and programs funded by EU funds acquire a more effective approach that has a more positive impact on the lives of fishermen and aquaculture.

A priority of Olooson is to provide technical assistance to its members by creating a viable communication environment through which the unique experience and technical expertise of the entire international community with respect to environmental conservation, water resources management, common policies, economy, industry and fishery products and aquaculture find a particular interest.

Technical assistance is mainly given to the concepts and design issues of new aquaculture units or the modernization of fishing and aquaculture units, advice on choosing the most efficient technologies and solutions through the transfer of information on fishing and aquaculture.

You can be the beneficiary or the expert. Someone needs your knowledge.

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