Vision and Values

At Olooson we have a simple promise.

“We are with you, step by step to help you fulfill your aspirations!”

No matter how simple or complex your project is, we are here to create unmatched innovations in the shortest possible time, dramatically reducing costs.

Today, Europe does not seem to have real competition for financial performance offers, big companies have “swallowed” small companies, and the “European funds fever” has raised the price of technologies, equipment and products for the fishing and aquaculture industry several times.

Olooson puts the quality first, then calls for the right price that any fisherman or company in the industry can afford.

We want the moment when you buy a net, a tool, a boat, a new recirculation system, or a cage system farm you do it extremely relaxed and not feeling that you were “robbed” by the vendor.

In order to achieve this goal, Olooson has planned this project for several years and has collaborated with research and development partners worldwide.

It selected dedicated developers or manufacturers to ensure that Olooson certified equipment and products are among the best in the world so we can secure your activities in the technology and financial comfort zone.